The 10 candidates that go to phase 2 of the 2021 Entrepreneurs Award have been selected


The Entrepreneurs Award 2021 It is one of the lines of recognition from the Madrid City Council to the work of women entrepreneurs.
The main objective of this award is to contribute to the recognition of original, creative and innovative projects undertaken by women to promote and boost the female entrepreneurship, as well as the generation of employment and increased economic activity in the city of Madrid, helping to eliminate the existing gender gap.

During the application submission period, a total of 172 applications have been received, of which 162 have been admitted for meeting the participation requirements.
The jury, made up of representatives of the Madrid City Council, the Spanish Association of Businesswomens (ASEME), the Hotel Business Association of Madrid (AEHM) and the King Juan Carlos University (URJC), has valued each of the projects with a maximum of 15 points each.

These have been the 10 candidates that have obtained the highest rating:

They can be consulted the scores of all the applications to the prize on the Madrid Emprende website.

The second phase of the award consists of the presentation of the business plan and elevator pitch. The 10 selected companies must present their business plan and will be called to make a brief presentation (elevator pitch) before the jury, lasting three minutes maximum. This presentation is not public and in it the candidates will present the relevant aspects of their company.
Based on the presentation made by the entrepreneurs in the elevator pitch, the jury will select the 5 candidates that will pass the final phase based on the criteria established in the call.

Check here the complete bases of the call

The Madrid City Council has the collaboration of WomenaliaSEE ME, the Hotel Business Association of Madrid (AEHM), the King Juan Carlos University (URJC) and wave madrid